Friday, May 1, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

So you want to know if the sequel to the highly successful Avengers movie is worth seeing? The reality is you'll probably go see it anyway no matter what I say, such is the hold Marvel has on the concept of "blockbuster" movie at the moment.
Marvel have definitely packed a punch in this popcorn extravaganza. You have your mortals, your immortals, your robots and super robots and what looks like a mix of all of those with The Vision and let's throw a couple of mutants in there too! All fighting for peace. 
You have your drama and angst, your action and jokes and there's even time for a romance to rival Shrek and Fiona! 

It's got everything you could want in a Marvel summer blockbuster and if you are a Marvel fan you won't leave disappointed...but...I don't know, I just sense somewhere within I'm getting a little tired of the one-two, crash, bang, wallop and quip feeling that is the Marvel Universe. At some point they have to realize that all franchises have a life span and if they don't get us to the whole point of this soon they may end up sucking the life out of the general viewers (not the die hard fans but the regular movie-goers) long before this story is ever finally laid to rest.

I'm still enjoying the movies and Age of Ultron is a fine addition to the superhero genre but Marvel must make their Universe come of age before it ages all of us. 

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